Dreamten is a product design studio that helps ambitious brands craft amazing digital products.

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Whether you want to work with us (yay!) or just say hi, we'd love to hear from you. If you’d rather skip the form, shoot us an email at [email protected].

Our main office is located in downtown Durham, NC at American Underground

Who is your ideal client?

We're selective about who we decide to work with, as we want to be sure we can deliver maximum value to our clients and ultimately help them make far more than they spend on us. Here are the types of client relationships that excite us.

  • Funded startups with a working MVP

    who are ready to polish and perfect their product's design. A recent product redesign helped raise a full round of Series A funding for a small 10 person startup. Another led to the acquiring of a small 2 person startup. The CEO stated the new design was instrumental in the acquisition.

  • Mid-sized to enterprise companies

    that need to augment or completely outsource their product design to a smart, nimble team that can produce exquisite design that'll be the envy of competitors. We're currently working with a $1+ billion enterprise IT company, collaborating with their internal UX department to do a complete design overhaul of their customer portal and apps, helping set a standard for design in their cloud and recovery industry.

  • Impactful not-for-profit organizations

    that need a design agency to translate their message into beautiful and impactful branding and marketing. We've recently worked with a Manhattan non-profit to rebrand and launch a marketing site which helped build a passionate following and secured millions in government grants.

What are some reasons not to work with you?

In the interest of saving us both time, here are some great reasons to look elsewhere.

  • You need us to build your web app, configure your cloud servers, and handle your media buying.

    We focus solely on product design and the strategy behind it. This helps us focus on what we're good at and keeps us from being spread too thin. Companies who claim to do everything generally excel at nothing. Plus we have a great network of trusted partners who are experts in other areas.

  • You need something at the cheapest possible price.

    Quality is our focus, and the goal with every project is to produce the most memorable, exquisite work possible. Smaller budgets make it difficult to devote the adequate time and energy required to produce outstanding work. While we're cheaper than larger agencies, we're more than your average freelancer.

I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for.

Clients who are super detailed and organized are great, but we also love consulting clients and helping them discover their needs when the answer isn’t clear. We’ve been at this for so long that we usually have a very good sense of requirements after a quick phone call.

You guys are 100% remote. How do you work and communicate together?

We leverage a plethora of online tools to streamline our workflow. This allows our team flexibility, but also helps to make sure we're as nimble and efficient as possible. This post goes into specifics on the what and how of our tools, and this one discusses how we present and keep track of client work.